Monday, November 11, 2013


We are so grateful to work with so many talented artists & we enjoy sharing their stories with you so much & today may we introduce you to, Tania of INDIGO GLASS. Tania has been a Sea & Green friend & artist for many years now & we couldn't admire her & her work more! If you are a frequent visitor of Sea & Green then you know Tania but how well do you know her? Read on for Tania's upcoming class information & to learn more about Tania's history & how Sea & Green became so lucky to have Tania & her work as store staples! 

Tania is offering an amazing class this December that you don't want to miss...
What: Custom Victorian Antique Mirror Ornament Class
When: Wednesday night December 6th from 6-8pm
Cost: $165 

Details: The class is focused on creating a Victorian antiqued mirror ornament will be personalized with each students memorable black & white photo. This is perfect for baby's first Christmas, your favorite pet or a loved one. See pictures here of an ornament itself & a closeup of a boat which reflects the technique. This class is a technical, hands-on class that includes learning a variety of techniques such as cutting mirror, using a grinder & soldering with copper foil. Limit of 4 students per class & you can register at Sea & Green with a non-refundable $65 deposit.

OK, let's get to know Tania...

S&G: How old were you when you started creating your artwork?

Tania: I was about 12 years old when I remember thrashing a coffee table that my dad made with a heavy chain in an attempt to create an aged look. He let me use the blow torch to further distress the wood. What can I say? It was Australia in the 70's!

S&G: What inspired you to begin selling your work?

Tania: Change of career prompted me to sell my wares at Sea & Green?  Traveling for my photography job was tough & I wanted to give my leaded glass studio a proper go & so the opportunity to focus on this as well as be involved with the shop seemed to fit really well & that was over 3 years ago.

S&G: What are your favorite pieces to create? Or explain a new passion project.

Tania: My favorite pieces I create is the stained glass waves that are specifically design to fit into discarded old window frames. Each one is unique in color and design-people seem to like them which is really encouraging. It's nice to be able to create these movable and affordable pieces of stained glass as not everyone can afford a customized permanent piece in their home

S&G: What is your biggest challenge when creating a piece?

Tania: The biggest challenge is utilizing scraps of glass effectively in order to create a design that works...this forces me to be inventive!

S&G: If you had to use one word to describe yourself what would it be?

Tania: One word to describe me is sporadic

S&G: What is something you haven't get created but can't wait to try!?

Tania: Something that I'm dying to try is finally fire my kiln that has been waiting patiently in my studio. I want to melt leftover glass shards onto a ceramic surface.

Tania also makes custom frames from recycled fencing & custom distressed mirrors at Sea & Green!

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