Wednesday, January 29, 2014

House Envy: Creating Beauty with Ce Ce Caldwell Paints

 We are having a great time using Ce Ce Caldwell Paints for all of our projects around the shop. Our clients have impressed us tremendously with their creations as well. We are delighted to share with you the home of Monmouth County resident Richard Stabbert.

Richard decided to paint his traditionally sealed hardwood floors with our Simply White Ce Ce Caldwell Chalk, Mineral & Clay Paint... he went on to seal them with Ce Ce's Endurance plant derived finish.

This house amazing!!!

He started painting the floor in his foyer and he loved it so much, he kept going throughout the entire main floor.

 We definitely think he has an eye for design! 

Although, we don't recommend our paints and finishes for everyone's floors; Richard is glad to report they are holding up well.

Believe it our not, Richard is not a designer.  He says "he.. is a person only in love with beauty".

Richard has a new book out, "Provincetown Memories" words and paintings by Richard Stabbert. You can purchase his book on or

If you interested in using Ce Ce Caldwell Paints, stop into Sea-n-Green to check out all of the amazing colors we carry. We also are offering some fun DIY classes using Ce Ce Caldwell Paints this February check our events page at  Sea-n-Green.