Saturday, October 26, 2013

Michal Sparks: Sea & Green's Artist of the Week

Michal Sparks is one of Sea & Green's amazingly talented co-op artists & we decided it's about time you all got to know her a little bit better. When you walk through Sea & Green you get to know each artist by their aesthetic...but what about their story? How did Michal begin her journey as an artist & how was her relationship with Sea & Green born? We hope this interview will give you a glimpse into some of her inspired intuitions which help create each of her many uniquely stylized pieces of art! The essence of her creative process emanates from each piece of art as it makes its own journey from our store to your home...

 Sea & Green: How old were you when you started creating your artwork?

 Michal: I grew up with an artist mother so I have been drawing and creating since before I can remember!

 Sea & Green: What inspired you to begin selling your work?

Michal: I have been licencing my art and illustrating books for 20+ years so I have always been selling my work, just behind the scenes, working with manufactures/publishers. But selling directly to the consumer has been new to me in the past 5 or so years. I like being more connected to the end user and hearing their stories of how my art inspires them.

Sea & Green: How long ago did you meet Becky & when did you begin working with Sea & Green?

 Michal: I had just started making fused plastic accessories with my kids and selling at the Red Bank Farmers market when a friend told me to check out this new eco store in Bay Head. I called Becky and the rest is history! That was in the fall of 2008.

Sea & Green: What are your favorite pieces to create? Or explain a new passion project.

Michal: My favorites change all the time. I love textiles and incorporating surface patterns, sewing or just painting on fabric/canvas. I am heading back into more painting soon...portraits three ways! I tend to paint oils in a bright Fauve style and then there will be transfer collage, and watercolor...definitely not typical portraits!

Sea & Green: What is your biggest challenge when creating a piece

Michal: Not limiting myself to the mental rules I tend to set for myself. I need to just be a little crazier!

Sea & Green: If you had to use one word to describe yourself what would it be?

Michal: Ha Ha! How most people would describe me too..Resourceful!

Sea & Green: What is something you haven't get created but can't wait to try!? 

Michal: I have in the past but I am wanting to again, silk screening and printing yardage.

We can't wait to see more of Michal's work & we are proud to share her creations with our customers! 

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