Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Returned From Mazatlan

My daughter, my husband, his family and I all just returned from Mazatlan, Mexico. It was beautiful and relaxing. Unlike popular belief, it was very safe. I was a little concerned prior to our trip due to media about the kidnappings and drug wars. The people were so warm and friendly, the beaches were clean and the streets were safe to walk. I was delighted to see so many trees along the roads, many cut into shapes of animals, like the one here. At their aquarium I spotted an ingenious idea for a water bottle recycling container. We saw many iguanas roaming freely and ate alot of local fish and shrimp, yummy! Our dollar is equivalent to about 11 pesos so many items were much cheaper than in the US. I would recommend Mazatlan to friends for a relaxing getaway. Just as I was returning from our trip a shipment of recycled metal Mexican garden art just arrived in the shop...come by and check them out, we have flying pigs, fish, lobster, hens, turtles and more.

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